UX Case Study: Ivy.ai

Abel Quintero
3 min readMay 28, 2021



When I joined the Ivy.ai team in mid-2020, it was a well-established startup with a large and growing list of university clients. With an already fully built-out product, I knew that bringing elements of UX research and strategy would be valuable for pushing the product forward.

As a QA/UX Analyst, I utilized my multidisciplinary skills with usability testing and wireframing along with QA testing and test planning. I was able to build up a culture of frequent testing throughout the product lifecycle.


One major project I worked on was rehauling our Email Center. My first step in this process was reviewing our current designs and conducting a usability audit to determine what areas could be improved from a customer perspective. Many of of the suggested changes ended up by copy updates to ensure no confusion for the users.

The next step I took was adding all the necessary updates to the wireframes. One screen of the wireframing process I worked on was for our new recommended responses feature. As seen below, we decided to use our side panel design system for consistency across the product.

Research + Strategy

Throughout the entire scope of projects at Ivy.ai, I have implemented product strategy and research in order to ship the best possible version of our products for the customers.

One essential element of the strategy process is to conduct accessibility testing to ensure the digital product meets WCAG Standards. Below is an example of a webpage I tested, discovering that the image was missing alternate text, which is very important for visually-impaired folks to be able to identify images with a screen reader.

I also created an extensive accessibility checklist, with screenshots to inform other employees what to look for in each criteria when conducting their own accessibility testing.

In addition to accessibility tests, I created User Journey documents to outline, in detail, how each different type of user interacts with our products step-by-step. In the example below, I laid out the process of a client admin using our Email Center.

The UX Impact

Following the design and release of these updates and new features, we received glowing feedback from dozens of clients. I was also able to establish a permanent emphasis on accessibility, usability testing, and more throughout the product cycle.



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